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General information:


Chocking hazard! Small parts, not for children under 3 years.


EU members: In compliance with EU regulations, you can request to have your order canceled for any reason, just ask and I will cancel. This request must be send within 8 days after purchase date and prior to payment. If you whish to return an order for any reason, that is also possible, I must be notified within 2 weeks after the order was shipped and the order must be returned 'in full' within 2 weeks after the notification mail to obtain a refund. Returncosts are not covered (so they will be buyers cost), the entire order must be returned in the same condition it was initially shipped, a full refund (including initial S&H) will be provided after reception of the goods.

Non EU-members: No Cancel, No Return policy, I might consider an exception (to be discussed by mail), but I will not cover return costs and initial S&H will not be refunded either, only items value will be refunded, after the entire order had been returned in the same condition it was initially shipped

Parts Quality:

New items are straight from sets, PAB walls or from imports, they are always in unplayed condition, but might show frictional wear from the original package, from transport or from long time storage (sometimes in stacked condition, this will be noted in the description).

Used items are discontinued as of 29/10/2016, but occasionally I might list some for technical reasons, these items will always be in good condition, unless stated otherwise.


I strive to ship as fast as possible, within 2-5 days after payment has been received, this excludes weekends and holidays (I do prepare orders on those days, but shipping is usually next business day then)

The store applies official Bpost (Belgian Postal services) rates (by the piece) and has a fixed handling fee, included in the presetted Shippingcosts.

Tracking / No tracking: For orders below 30 Euro, we offer customers the choice between 'No tracking' and 'With Tracking', if you choose 'No tracking' to save on shipping, then please stand by YOUR descision. If you feel your order warrants insurance, if you want full security, then please choose the 'With Tracking' method. Any abuse of Paypal as insurance (Paypal is not an insurance company, paying for tracking gives insurance) will be noted by me on your account, so other sellers can see it, the site administration will be informed as well and we might make a post about it on the Brickowl forum as a warning for other sellers.

Due to unknown dimensions of certain items in catalog, autocalculation of shippingcosts may be overrated, if such is the case, we will change orders towards the correct shippingmethod and a refund will be made for the excess. If paid by Paypal, this refund will be made trough Paypal, if paid by IBAN/BIC, the refund will usually be by IBAN/BIC (the latter may take a few days).

Stock shortages:

It may occasionally occur an item (or full lot) is no longer in stock, in such case, a refund will be send. This refund might be send right away, but oftenly it is send when I process my picking lists (also adjustement of my remaining quantity) and send bills, usually during the next weekend. For items of higher value (2 Euro or more), we will contact you PRIOR to shipping to discuss the stock shortage as we go by the fact a valuable item might be a key item in the order. Cancelation of the whole order is an option in such case, if this is buyers preference.

Order shortages:

Please contact me if your received order has missing items (or wrong items), this may occur (I'm human, not a robot), I generally send a refund for such, unless the items are valuable (more then 2 Euro), in such case a backorder will be send.

Customer Loyalty program:

Discontinued as of 29/10/2016. Existing unused coupons remain valid however.

Payment / Order options:

Paypal: Euro

IBAN/BIC: Euro (if send from another valuta, please make sure this does not involve costs for us, as we will charge this cost back to you).


This store is VAT registered as of 29/10/2016, I consolidate bills from private buyers, if you need a sperate one for book keeping purpose (so usually professional buyers only), please ask for one ASAP.

If an official invoice is made, it will always be charged 21% VAT within EU, I do not apply reverse charge, professional buyers will need to enter the invoice in their bookeeping to recoup the 21% VAT

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